For several weeks in October and November, listeners are asked to nominate a family they feel is deeply deserving of a “Christmas Miracle”.  Someone who has had a difficult time, but has remained a good person, hard working and a symbol to others of how to handle adversity and who has never lost faith and hope that things will get better.

For well over a decade, the Ace & TJ show members go through hundreds of submissions to find 2-3 families deserving of a Christmas miracle.  Then, with the aid of the nominator and “Ace & TJ’s Hoodlum Elves” the plan is hatched.

On the assigned day, the nominator helps the Hoodlum Elves gain entry to the house while making sure the family is gone.  The elves leave everything the family could possibly want for Christmas.  Toys, clothes, food and decorations are donated.  The families are left with more than they ever could have dreamed for including gifts big and small for all family members.  Once the elves leave the recipient family is never supposed to know who was there or where the gifts came from.

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